Backup and Recovery

We understand how important it is to have a secure backup of your schools or academies data.

Our Backup and Recovery Service protects your data by backing it up to two of our dedicated and secure Orbis data centres.

Backup and Recovery Service

Key benefits of the service

  • Fully automated system – no more manual backups with no human intervention or management required at the school or academy.
  • Approved backup service for your on-site SIMS and FMS databases
  • Data is backed up off-site to ensure that it is always safe and recoverable
  • Straightforward data restores on request as you need them
  • Your data is secured with AES encryption and can only be restored to your school. This guarantees security and privacy, ensuring you maintain your Data Protection Act (2018) responsibilities. Meets and exceeds ICO and DfE guidelines
  • ‘Green’ Service: No tapes, no extra hardware and no more technicians driving round in cars visiting schools to fix tape related backup issues
  • Cost-effective – compared to existing traditional methods with no capital outlay for backup equipment.

How the Backup and Recovery Service works

The service uses a software application installed on your server. This is configured to perform an overnight backup of your important data. The software can back up your MIS (SIMS and FMS) databases, shared files and user files and the server configuration settings.

Our system encrypts the data before sending it via your internet connection to our Data Centres. Two copies of the data are stored to guarantee your information is safe and secure. If you lose any data you can contact the Schools Service Desk and ask for it to be restored. Backups are stored for one calendar month. The oldest stored backup contains a full copy of all backed up files on the server at that time.

Get started today

Our Consultants provide a high level of infrastructure, network and server support and are on site to engage with the School Senior Leadership Team on planning and developing technical solutions that are tailored to meet your current and future needs.


Did you know we also offer managed internet services?

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