Data Protection

In association with our partners, Data Protection Education (DPE), we have a range of Data Protection Advisory services designed to help schools with Data Protection Legislation.

DPE was created to help schools understand and manage General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). They have a team of education and legal specialists who work with schools and academies to implement improvements for handling school and personal data.

Services are available for all types of schools: Nurseries, Primary, Secondary, and Sixth Forms; Maintained Schools, Academies, and Independents; Individual Schools, Federations, and MATs.

Best Practice Advice and e-Learning Service

The basic level package provides your schools with access to DPE’s online best practice library including policy templates and procedure guidance. It also includes data protection e-Learning for all staff.

Advice and Guidance Service with Knowledge Bank

This service builds upon the best practice service and also includes access to DPE’s full online GDPR knowledge bank and a number of credits for inclusive email/phone support queries.

Data Protection Officer Service

The full DPO service provides your school with a named DPO and access to advice and guidance including the knowledge bank, best practice advice and e-Learning tools.

Best Practice Advice and e-Learning Service

Access to an online library of useful GDPR documents and training:

  • Best Practice Library (policy, procedure and guidance documents, FAQs, ask-a-question)
  • Online best practice compliance checklists
  • E-Learning Library (GDPR and information security Content) with training records

Advice and Guidance Service with Knowledge Bank

The Advice and Guidance Service builds upon the Best Practice Advice and e-Learning Service. As well as all the benefits of that service it includes:

  • Full access to DPE’s Knowledge Ban (unlimited staff/manager accounts)
  • Online training sessions to support the best use of the Knowledge Bank, tools and best practice
  • Subject Access Request, Freedom of Information & Breach Logs
  • Staff Document Compliance Manager – issue and monitor document reading and review by staff
  • Record of Processing Manager – document processes, report, and compare processes.
  • Automatic export of privacy notices and other documents
  • Access to regional workshops
  • Service Level Agreement Management (by Orbis in association with DPE)

Data Protection Officer Service

This service provides all the benefits of the Advice and Guidance Service and also includes:

  • Site visits & audits – review and monitoring of processing activities to feedback into operational improvements
  • Prioritise and advise on data risk mitigation, including corporate governance risk
  • Remote consultations and provision of training (e-learning and/or face-to-face)
  • Subject access, freedom of information & data breach support, including data subject interface
  • Unlimited advice and guidance (phone, email, tickets)
  • Guidance and advice on Data Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Named DPO for documentation
  • Liaison and management of communications with the supervisory authority
  • Legally qualified DPO team including a practising barrister

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