Cloud Voice Service

Our Cloud Voice Service provides a smart, simple and scalable telephony platform that fits schools and trusts of any size, with the intelligence and security of Google Cloud.

Cloud Voice Service

Much more than a way to make phone calls!

Keep in touch, everywhere. Make and receive phone calls using a work number on any device. Start communicating more effectively.

Voice can be customised to fit your day-to-day workflow. Google’s powerful AI filters spam calls, transcribes voicemail automatically, and lets you configure your PBX. Voice can be deployed quickly and used from anywhere. Setup multi-level auto attendants and ring groups (also known as hunt groups). Focus on what’s important while staying connected on desk phones, smartphones, and the web. Built for Google Workspace, Voice has a familiar look and user-friendly feel.

Keep your geographic numberGoogle Calendar integration
Call forwarding and Ring GroupsFixed monthly cost (excluding calls)
Multi-level auto attendantTransparent call charges
Desk phone supportSupport from Schools ICT Service Desk
Usage and activity reportingGoogle Uptime SLA and Support
Web and Mobile apps: Android & iOSRental options for zero capital outlay
Voicemail transcription

Cloud Voice Service

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Cloud Voice a complete solution? – Yes, Cloud Voice can replace your on-premises phone system
  • Will the system support proprietary legacy analogue systems like Burglar Alarms? – No, most alarm systems are migrating towards mobile based connections as BT analogue lines are being withdrawn
  • What happens when our internet connection goes down? – As the platform is cloud based, it will remain operational and as such you can keep making and receiving calls via the mobile app
  • Do we need a dedicated broadband line to run our phones? – No, Cloud Voice will work over your existing internet connection
  • We use Microsoft 365, does that matter? Not at all, we can setup a Google Workspace tenancy for you to use with just Cloud Voice
  • How do call charges work? Internal Calls and calls to other sites that use Google Voice are free. Calls from Cloud Voice to mobiles and landline number in many European countries are now included in the monthly subscription. Calls to non-geographic 03 numbers e.g., 0300, 0333, 0345 are charged up to 16p/minute (typically 2-3p/minute
  • Can we keep our geographic number? Yes, your school telephone number can be ported across when you migrate to Cloud Voice
  • Can we re-use our existing desk phones? Google Voice supports Poly desk phones (Edge B10, B20, B30 and VVX 150, 250, 350 and 450)
  • Do we have to provide a desk phone for every user? It’s entirely up to you! You could use a desk phone, a USB or Bluetooth headset in your computer or just the app on your mobile device

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Our Consultants provide a high level of infrastructure, network and server support and are on site to engage with the School Senior Leadership Team on planning and developing technical solutions that are tailored to meet your current and future needs.


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