Mobile Device Management

Over-the-air Mobile Device management of your school’s iOS, Android, Windows and Chrome devices saves you time and money, ensuring that devices have the appropriate policies, apps and settings so that they’re always ready for use in learning.

Manage all of your mobile devices and maximise the time that they are available for your students with the tools you need to teach them.

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) system makes it easy to install and manage apps from your favourite OS app stores. You can remotely set policies and restrictions to control your devices with the click of a button.

Mobile Device Management

How does Mobile Device Management work?

Our MDM system is based on the Lightspeed cloud platform. It has the ability to carry out a range of tasks such as installing applications and implementing device restrictions. This is done automatically over your wireless network, with no manual intervention required.

Teachers can be given the ability to implement temporary controls and deliver content to ensure smooth and seamless use in the classroom. You can set different policies and delegate administration to different groups of devices.

We already have tablets, how are they managed?

Historically, devices such as iPads would have been configured manually, either individually or via an Apple Mac Server in small batches. This can take a significant amount of time during which the devices are not available for teaching and learning.

Using a cloud based MDM system, the devices are kept up to date without such manual interaction. A one time installation of the Lightspeed management software will ensure your devices are managed remotely, maximising the time that they are available in the classroom.


Rapid rollout of updates and applicationsSelf-Service Portal for students and staff (great for 1:1 deployments)
Restrictions on device and app useTiered administration access for IT staff, ICT Co-ordinators and Teachers
Remote configuration and over-the-air device wipingIntegration with Apple Schools Manager (Including Volume Purchase Programme and Device Enrolment programme)
Passcode removal & remote lockingDevice Location and Inventory management
Wi-fi auto-join & whitelistUser and Device based reporting

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Our Consultants provide a high level of infrastructure, network and server support and are on site to engage with the School Senior Leadership Team on planning and developing technical solutions that are tailored to meet your current and future needs.


Did you know we also offer cloud voice services?

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