Workforce Return

Completing the Staff Workforce Return in October/November is statutory. Checking data for this return takes up time and resources. You need to make sure all your staff data is maintained and up to date, as well as gathering new information.

Our service is designed to speed up the process and make it more efficient, allowing your staff to focus on other tasks.

Workforce Return Key Benefits

Full check of your MIS (SIMS) data to make sure it is accurate and complete.

  • Extra data added if necessary
  • Your Staff Workforce Return is produced and uploaded

This service is only available to primary and special schools and is carried out remotely.

Service Details

The MIS Managed Service Staff Workforce Return service includes:

  • Checking your MIS data to make sure it is accurate and complete
  • Ensuring your return is produced and uploaded
  • Producing a dummy return and summary report so you can check it against known school data

Once school data has been checked we will then:

  • Produce a return ready for authorisation
  • Upload the file to the Department for Education website

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