ICT Health Check

Full ICT Health Check:

Our full ICT Health check takes a comprehensive look at your whole school or trust ICT setup and provides advice on where you may wish to place your focus for development.

Our ICT Health Check Service:

  • ICT consultant visit to complete a high-level review of your ICT and meet your Senior Management Team
  • Follow up report including ICT recommendations and considerations for the future
  • One off cost and no obligation to subscribe to any ICT support services.

What is covered?

The health check can be tailored to focus on your requirements but usually includes:

  • Server hardware, software and security
  • Network speed, security and configuration (wired, wireless and internet connectivity)
  • Hardware and software of computers throughout the school
  • How management and configuration of operating systems, applications, and users’ settings are implemented and controlled
  • Printers and printing facilities.

Network Health Check:

Our networking health check focuses on your wireless networking infrastructure and requirements but can also look at your wired networking infrastructure as well to give you a holistic overview of your current core network upon which your ICT is built.

Wireless can provide flexible learning spaces, enabling the use of portable technology devices throughout your school. As with most technology, wireless technologies can vary greatly in their quality and capability.

Our survey includes a report which makes recommendations on improving your existing wireless infrastructure, as well as advising on installing wireless for the first time.

Our Network Health Check includes:

Coverage and reliability:

  • Are your existing wireless devices properly positioned?
  • Are existing devices able to meet your learning requirements?
  • How many wireless access points do you require?


  • Does your wireless network meet recommended security standards?
  • Is your network protected from external interference?

Get started today.

Our Consultants provide a high level of infrastructure, network and server support and are on site to engage with the School Senior Leadership Team on planning and developing technical solutions that are tailored to meet your current and future needs


Did you know we also offer a data protection advisory service?

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